Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge

I stumbled upon twowritingteachers.org a few weeks ago and I love what they are about – encouraging teachers who teach writing and literacy to practice the writing craft. I thought about writing my first slice of life challenge when I first came across the site but instead filed it away for another week. Then another week passed and another. So I thought, instead of thinking too hard about what to write and choosing the perfect story to share as a slice of life and then finding the perfect time, why not just start. I’ve started many blogs over the years and had my enthusiasm for them peter out as other demands for my attention felt more important. But hey let’s do this one more time!

The funny thing about having a writing challenge is that it changes how you perceive the world. I start paying more attention to possible things to write about.

I ordered a six drawer TARVA dresser for my son a few weeks back from IKEA. Extended quarantine seemed like the perfect chance to do some home improvement projects. I ordered a few frames for a family gallery wall (which still needs to be tackled) and a few other small things to make use of the shipping I’d be paying. The dresser sat half-assembled for a few weeks. In my eagerness, I had stripped a nail. I had to wait a few days for IKEA to ship me a replacement nail. In the process, I learned that IKEA hardware is custom and can’t just be picked up from Home Depot. On the other hand, they do ship you lost or extra parts. The longer I waited, the less motivated I was to finish it. I finally decided to tackle the dresser again this weekend. I completed three drawers today. I still have to do three more. Is there anything more frustrating that hammering a nail into a hole and not being able to figure out why it won’t go in? The nails eventually did go in, after much hammering. The first drawer was the hardest. By the third drawer, I had a strategy. Three more to go. Just have to finish.

slice of life_individual

One thought on “Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge

  1. Welcome to the SOL writing community! I’m glad you found TWT and shared your writing with us today.

    I know how you feel about waiting for the missing piece of something. I’ve been waiting two months for something from Land of Nod. Thankfully, my dad came up with an alternate fix for the problem. Still hoping to get the part I am waiting for!


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