Tuesday SOL: Sticking to the plan, sort of…

I typed up a meal plan for my family in the hopes of making my life easier. It looks very organized on my fridge – neat text in evenly spaced boxes. One thing less to think about. And repeating dishes would allow me to really get to know the recipe and make tweaks and adjustments.

Lunch was supposed to be “leftovers” but since we didn’t have any, I made New York style pizza from some frozen pizza dough that I had on hand and a quick daal.

My kids need a snack between lunch and dinner, otherwise things get dicey. On my meal plan, I had written muffins for their “afterschool snack”. I generally like baking at home but I didn’t feel up to it today so I decided we could walk to the nearby Tim Hortons and get a donut. It’s about a five minute walk. The kids were excited. They got into their winter things and I packed our masks in my bag and we headed out. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. My four year old stopped along the way to sit in the snow and step in mud and take things at his own pace. He kicked a chunk of ice along shouting ‘Score!’ Hockey is big at our place these days. We finally arrived and put on our masks outside the store. The kids were good about not touching things. My 7 year old went for the chocolate glazed and my four year old chose a chocolate chip muffin. My four year carried his paper bag in his gloved hands and I carried the box of donuts for us. The three of us headed home. It felt like something on a Tuesday afternoon.

I did stick to the dinner plan. Tacos. Although, they were minimal tacos with sour cream, taco sauce, beans and cheese, and I like tacos that are more layered. Maybe next week, I’ll be more prepared to follow this meal plan.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday SOL: Sticking to the plan, sort of…

  1. sab33n,

    I see so much of myself in your writing! I was so drawn into to your journey that I was disappointed when the story was over! It was so warm and inviting. It espouses a familiar family cohesion that made me feel like I’d snuck into a movie only to become quickly acquainted with a cast of characters.

    I loved the intention and quick modifications of the meticulous menu affixed to the refrigerator door; the sense of accomplishment as it was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to see the elation on the face of the son who deemed hockey can happen anywhere.

    I loved the inclination to treasure the simple things: spending time together (at home), going for a scenic, sound-filled walk, and finishing with a sweet a treat. Good luck with that next recipe, by the way. I imagine if it’s a flavorful as your writing, it will be delightful to savor.

    ~Carla Michelle

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  2. I like that you are thinking about meals and trying to plan them better. We started doing this last August when we started a Keto Diet. Now, having met our goal weights, we are looser with what we eat but still try to plan it out. l love donuts…..we made a special stop for some on a recent trip to New York to see my aging parents. It’s called Paula’s Donuts and they are very yummy! I am sure your kids enjoyed your outing! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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